Your cat likes to clean itself, but sometimes that's just not enough. When your cat needs full-service cat grooming in Eden Prairie, MN, count on our professional cat grooming service. Hound Dog Hotel has provided pet grooming for dogs and cats for many years, and we're eager to help your cat look beautiful. Our friendly staff is full of cat lovers who are excited to work with your cat to unleash the full beauty of your cat's coat.

As well, regular grooming will ensure your cat's health. The primary goal of our cat grooming company is total pet wellness. Proper grooming and regular cleaning can catch and eradicate minor problems before they develop into health issues. When dirt and bugs are allowed to infest your kitty, it can turn into a serious issue. Unfortunately, cats aren't always able to bathe themselves completely, and in some cases they need human intervention to remove stubborn dirt.


Your active cat loves to explore, but sometimes that exploration discovers more than it wants. When your cat finds bugs or other creatures, a full bath and flea removal therapy will clear out the infestation. Your cat will stop scratching and hunting fleas after our cat grooming service.

Our cat grooming includes gentle but thorough bathing, with your choice of shampoo and conditioning. Afterwards, our experts will dry your cat and brush its coat. Removing excess hair will make your cat happy and lead to less shedding around the house.


Your cat is bored and sometimes wants to scratch something. If it has become bored of the scratching post and turned attention to your furniture, we can help. Our cat grooming can include pain-free claw clipping. Your cat's claws will be gently trimmed so that the damage to your furniture is minimized without hurting your cat.

Whether you want day time cat grooming or a cat grooming service included with the overnight boarding of your cat, our team of pet grooming experts is ready to pamper your cat. Our cat grooming company offers affordable rates for our entire menu of services, and we offer convenient pick up and drop off hours on your schedule. Bring your cat by today!

Contact us today to give your kitty the pampering it deserves. Let us make your pet comfortable! Hound Dog Hotel proudly serves Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, and Edina in Minnesota, as well as the surrounding communities.